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      You should find the answer to most of your questions in the section below, but if you have any other questions, please feel free to send an eMail to support@mobiDial.com


How can I improve mobiDial's loading speed?
mobiDial is designed to load only once and remain in memory so that it is instantly activated when the user wants to place a call.

- If you are using a third-party task manager make sure you do not terminate mobiDial but instead minimize it, to avoid having to reload it every time.

- mobiDial loads faster if the radio hardware in your device is ready. Therefore after a soft reset, it's better to wait for your phone to acquire signal from the network before opening mobiDial.

How do I access advanced call features (Hold, Conference) while the mobiDial in call screen is displayed?
While on a Phone Call you can press the Hardware Answering Button to access the features available in the buil-in Pocket PC Dialer.

Is mobiDial compatible with Pocket PC 2002 with .NET Compact Framework?
The current version of mobiDial is not compatible with Pocket PC 2002

I'm trying to uninstall mobiDial but I get a message saying that a file is currently in use
If you have assigned the Hardware Answering button to mobiDial, you must disable it from the mobiDial settings then soft-reset your device. This will release the mobiDial key manager and will allow you to proceed with the uninstallation.

I've purchased mobiDial 1.x and would like to upgrade to mobiDial .NET
Registered users of mobiDial 1.x are entitled to 30% off the purchase price of mobiDial .NET . Users who have purchased mobiDial 1.x after October 1st 2003 are entitled to a free upgrade. To upgrade from a previous version please Click Here

Where can I find mobiDial 1.x?
mobiDial 1.x can be downloaded from this location but is no longer available for purchase.

What's the suggested picture size for Contact & Speed Dial Entries?
For the best performance it is suggested to use GIF or JPG pictures of 60x60 pixels in size.


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