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Download mobiDial

System Requirements

  • Pocket PC Phone Edition with Windows Mobile 2003 (XDA II, T-Mobile, i-Mate, etc.)
  • Microsoft ActiveSync
  • 500k of free storage memory on your Pocket PC

Download mobiDial

Due to incompatibility issues with the recent releases of Windows Mobile, mobiDial is not currently available for download.


Installation Instructions

  • Download mobiDial
  • Save the file mobiDial_200.exe on your desktop
  • Make sure your Pocket PC is on the cradle and ActiveSync is connected
  • Double-click on mobiDial_200.exe
  • Follow the setup instructions
  • After the setup is complete run mobiDial from the start menu in your Pocket PC
  • For questions please visit the F.A.Q. section or contact support@mobiDial.com

Contact us info@mobiDial.com

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