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        mobiDial is a phone dialer for the Pocket PC Phone Edition ( XDA , T-Mobile , etc.). Unlike the contacts application that comes with your Pocket PC, mobiDial's interface is optimized for phone users with features like Easy Contact Lookup, Picture Speed Dial, Multiple Calling Card support and an interface optimized for one-hand dialing.

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  • Ability to assign the hardware answer button to mobiDial
  • 36 Picture Speed dial locations
  • Display of Network name,Signal strength and battery status
  • Send SMS from the contact list or speed dial screens
  • New in call screen with picture display
  • Ability to send DTMF tones while in a call
  • Call Log
  • Improved Calling Card Engine
  • Fast Calling Card Switching
  • Option to hide number for the next call or all calls
  • Instant name lookup
  • Support for the Directional Pad in the Contact List & Call Log
  • VibraTouch for better feedback
  • Large buttons for easy one-hand operations
  • Automatic detection of International dialing settings based on the Network Operator
What's New in Version 2.02 (March 15th 2004)
  • Added stability in the MDA II
  • Fixed: Duplicate Icons Created if Start Menu contains 9 Items
  • Fixed: Phone shows "No Service" if turned On from mobiDial
  • Fixed: Call Log is not displayed on some devices
  • Fixed: Hardware Button Opens MS Dialer after Phone is switched Off
  • Call Log Screen Now shows Dates & Times in Local Language & Format
  • Fixed: Hardware Button does not open mobiDial on some devices
Download mobiDial

Due to incompatibility issues with the recent releases of Windows Mobile, mobiDial is not currently available for download.



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